Haltrip: A trustworthy place for travellers

Business Desk Published: 19 September 2018, 05:18 PM | Updated: 19 September 2018, 05:22 PM
Haltrip: A trustworthy place for travellers

Travel is a pleasant thing. People are loving to travel whenever they get time. You may face an unpleasant situation during travelling when you haven’t proper travel information especially when you are in abroad.

Many people don’t know some important things regarding travel. So when you decide to go out somewhere, you have to know each and every detail like how to collect tickets, where to contact, even how to get proper facilities. 

Now in Bangladesh haltrip, an online travel agency, is working on these important issues.

Haltrip started its journey in July 2017. Meanwhile, they have given service to more than 50,000 travelers through 1,300 travel agencies.

You can get more details via this link www.haltrip.com. 

The agency has several offices in the capital’s Gulshan, Mitijheel and Uttara. They have lost of skilful staffs as well.

Tajbir Hasan, chief executive officer (CEO) of haltrip said: “Any entrepreneurs can register through our website with giving trade licenses and necessary documents. After examining all the things he (the entrepreneur) can book tickets and hotels for the travelers through it.”