Padma Bank launches lucrative deposit schemes

Business Desk Published: 15 May 2019, 05:02 PM
Padma Bank launches lucrative deposit schemes

Padma Bank Limited has launched one of the most lucrative deposit schemes prevailing in the banking sector of the country.

Under the scheme, a client will see his deposit getting a three-fold hike if he keeps the money in any branch of the bank for nine years, said a press release today.

In addition, the client will be able to borrow up 80 percent from his deposited amount. The scheme could be opened individually or jointly.

Dr Mahmuda Alam Mita and Golam Mohammad Musa became the first two customers to open the three-fold deposit scheme in the principal branch of Padma Bank yesterday (Tuesday).

They were greeted by senior officials including the bank’s CEO and Managing Director Md Ehsan Khasru.