19 year old becomes India’s first male model with autism

Entertainment Desk Published: 2 June 2019, 04:17 PM
19 year old becomes India’s first male model with autism
Pranav Bakhshi is the first male model with autism.

The world of modelling has always been one to break the streotypes first. From dark complexions models like Naomi Campbell making a name for themselves to women with vitilo disease ruling the ramp, the modelling industry has always been a step ahead in the world, reports India Today.  

And it has done it once again. 19-year-old, Pranav Bakhshi has become the first male model with autism to walk the ramp breaking the myth that the modelling world is not for people like him. His brooding eyes, chisseled jaw line, great height and dashing looks are all the pre-requsites that one needs to be a model.

Pranav's bio in his official Instagram account says that autism is his superpower and he also has a nag for photography and golf. The New Delhi based model is also a hard core fitness enthusiast and he keeps uploading his workout videos on his account.

Pranav who wants to walk the ramp for International brands has already become quite famous with some well-known high street brands in India.

Pranav has now signed Ninja Model Management which is one of the leading modelling agencies in India proving that he is moving closer to his dream of walking for big brands.

He has 40 per cent disability. Pranav, in addition to sutism also suffers from echolalia. It is a condition where one repeats everything others say.

But Pranav is adamant and won't let anything stop him from achieving his goals.