211 families getting disaster resilient houses in Naogaon

Jago News Desk Published: 30 August 2019, 10:26 AM
211 families getting disaster resilient houses in Naogaon

The government is building 211 disaster-resilient houses for the people who have lost their homes to natural disasters, including river erosion, in the district, reports UNB.

The goal is to provide roof over the heads of the poor, divorced and physically challenged people, and destitute freedom fighters.

The project was taken on humanitarian ground with funding from KABITA (Kajer Binimoye Taka) and TR (Test Relief) of the Disaster Management and Relief Ministry.

Mahbubur Rahman, project implementation officer (PIO) of Sadar upazila, said 20 houses will be built in Sadar upazila, 24 in Porsha, 23 in Sapahar, 22 in Niamatpur, 21 in Patnitala, 19 in Dhamoirhat, 17 in Badalgachchi, 18 in Mahadebpur, 17 in Manda, and 15 each in Raninagar and Atrai.

The 10-sqf brick houses will use corrugated iron-sheet on the roof. Their doors and windows will be made of wood. A kitchen and a sanitary latrine will be attached to each house, Rahman said.

Each house will cost Tk 2,58,531. “The government will give the houses free to provide shelter to persons with disabilities,” he said, adding that the project was taken in 2018-2019.

Aleya Bewa, 50, a physically-challenged woman from Namanurpur village in Sadar upazila, is one of those who will be provided accommodation.

“I’ve been living in a dilapidated hut for as long as I remember,” she said. “I’d like to live the rest of my days in peace.”

Abdul Jabbar, 75, a beggar from Fatehpur village in Sadar upazila, said he had to live on the street for a long time. “I’m happy that the government is building a new house on my land. I hope I’ll live the rest of my life happily with my family in the new house,” he said.

Fiti, 70, a peanut vendor of Porsha upazila, said he did not have any relative. “I’ve been living a very difficult life in a thatched house on my land. The house being provided by the government will be a palace for me,” he said.

The recipients said they are elated that they are being provided with new houses.

Deputy Commissioner of the district Harun-Or-Rashid said the project was taken to improve the life of the poor and the destitute. The main purpose is to change the lifestyle and develop the living standard of the poor.

“The construction work is almost done,” he said adding, “The houses will be handed over soon to their owners.”