Rohingya woman names newborn baby girl as Sheikh Hasina

International Desk Published: 21 September 2017, 03:01 PM
Rohingya woman names newborn baby girl as Sheikh Hasina

A Rohingya Muslim refugee woman, who has taken shelter in the refugee camp, has delivered a baby girl and named her after Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

The 20-year-old Khadija crossed over from Rakhine state of Myanmar after her husband was brutally murdered in the ethnic violence in the region.

She was eight months pregnant when she sneaked into Bangladesh with her mother Alum Bahar.

Clad in a blue and black burqa, Khadija relives the horror, " The entire Rakhine district is burning. My house was burnt. I ran from Myanmar alive and struggled to stay alive with a baby in my womb. I crossed the border and have come to Bangladesh. I gave birth to a baby girl here. I have lost my husband in these attacks. I have named by daughter as Sheikh Hasina."

She is one of the 80000 pregnant women who are seeking shelter in various refugee camps across Bangladesh.

Her mother and daughter are the only survivor in a family of more than six till last week.

Khadija's mother, Alum Bahar, wearing a dirty green saree and holding the baby Hasina close to her heart, said, "We have come to Bangladesh in lot of pain. My daughter was pregnant. She gave birth to a daughter here. We have named her Sheikh Hasina. She has given us hopes of a new life and we now expect some peace in our lives."

Alum lost her husband Nuruddin and her daughter Khadija saw her husband Fakhruddin being killed in front of her, but for her, the hope lives in the belief that she is still alive.

Perhaps she feels that the little girl has been named Sheikh Hasina only to reiterate to the world that she was born and could live because of the immediate humanitarian assistance extended by Bangladesh  Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Source: India Today