MIT int'l student conference to play role in making Bangladesh youth world-class citizens

Education Desk Published: 13 June 2024, 08:50 PM
MIT int'l student conference to play role in making Bangladesh youth world-class citizens

MIT's International Student Conference will play a major role in turning the future youth of Bangladesh into world-class citizens. This international student conference of Haileybury Bhaluka and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States has also created a great response among the young students of Bangladesh. This was discussed by the speakers on the occasion of the opening ceremony of the five-day long 'MIT Leading Age International Student Conference' jointly organized by Haileybury Bhaluka and MIT at the permanent campus of Haileybury Bhaluka in Bhaluka, Mymensingh. They also expressed that Haileybury Bhaluka will work to continue such arrangements even in the future.

Countries Eminent academician Dr Mohammad Kaykobad was present as the Chief Guest at the opening ceremony of the 'MIT Leading Age International Student Conferenc’. Mohammed Abdul Waheed, MP of Mymensing-11 constituency, was also present as a special guest. Haileybury Bhaluka’s Founding Head Master Simon O Grady and three faculty members and six graduates from MIT were also present at the occasion.

At the conference Dr Mohammad Kaykobad thanked to MIT, the world's number one university, for choosing Haileybury Bhaluka as the venue for such a prestigious event. These three MIT faculty members and six graduates are here today to inspire our students on how to make their dreams of better lives a reality.

Haileybury Bhaluka’s Founding Headmaster Mr Simon O’ Grady said, "We are honored to welcome MIT to Bangladesh. We are sincerely grateful to the faculty and graduate students in travelling 8,000 miles. MIT faculty were impressed by the scale of our ambitions for Bangladesh and our focus on diversity, equity and inclusion. Haileybury Bhaluka will be an educational institution where the joint contribution of experienced teachers and students will develop future leaders. This international conference aims to expand students' comprehension of engineering and design at an innovative level, fostering the creation of impactful solutions”.

Simon O Grady also thanked to Southeast Bank, United Commercial Bank, Berger Paints and PFEC Global for supporting such an international event.

MP Mohammed Abdul Waheed from Mymensing-11 constituency, said in his speech, “We are proud that an international standard boarding school like Haileybury has been established in Bhaluka”. MP Wahid also expressed, "Haileybury's international quality teachers and environment will play a leading role in developing international quality students and future leaders.”

MIT's faculty member Mr Christopher James Mayer, Mr Christian Ivan Cardozo Aviles and Mr Edward John Moriarty were also spoke on the occassion.

Three MIT faculty members and six graduates participated in this international student conference organized in a fully residential environment. Under their supervision, 100 students aged 11-14 years selected from Bangladesh, India and the UK will gain hands-on experience in expanding their engineering and innovation capabilities to advanced levels and reaching a viable solution.

By participating in the conference, students will also gain hands-on knowledge about various innovative activities and their management, including underwater robotics, AI-powered wheelchairs and handheld pollution mapping devices. There is also a unique opportunity for the participants to participate in the underwater Harry Potter Quidditch competition from the famous Harry Potter series.

This international conference, organized in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Edgerton Center in Boston will continue until June 15, 2024. Certificates from MIT's Edgerton Center will be awarded to all participants on the last day of the conference. -Press Release-