Protect your skin from monsoon woes

Lifestyle Desk Published: 16 July 2017, 04:05 AM
Protect your skin from monsoon woes

It’s raining monsoon to wet our hearts and souls with its coolness and beauty all around.

Although falling rain makes life possible on earth, it increases humidity in the atmosphere, which leads to less sweating resulting in accumulation of waste under the skin.

This waste deposit serves as breeding place for bacteria that may cause itching, rashes, pimples, fungal infections and many more skin problems. Wet skin folds like underarms, groin areas, area between fingers and toes, being sensitive to infections, need more care.

Shield your skin against the ill effects of monsoon with few easy tips:
Monsoon has dehydrating effect not only on your body but skin as well. Drink plenty of water, at least eight glasses a day to keep your body and skin well hydrated.

Take bath twice a day with lukewarm water thoroughly, in the morning and before going to bed. Use high quality mild soaps or bathing gels.

Wipe all parts of your body dry after a bath.

Wear clean and dry cotton clothes.

The hiding sun behind the clouds doesn’t mean you don’t need skin protection from harmful UV rays. Use a hydrating sun block with SPF 30 before leaving home.

Wear no or very light make up. However, moisturise the skin well.

Never sleep with your make up on. Remove them and cleanse your skin well before sleep.

Use soft tissue or blotting paper to wipe off sweat, grease, dirt and dust. Keep them handy always.

Rub ice on your face once a day to reduce the pores and decrease the secretion of sebum.

If your skin is dry, use soap-free cleansers for face and apply a mixture of honey and wholesome milk to hydrate your skin every day.

People with oily skin are more receptive to painful pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and other skin flaws during rainy weather. They may use an oil-controlling deep cleanser and an alcohol-free toner to retain pH balance of their skin. Papaya face packs and fresh aloe Vera gel are effective to be applied on this type of skin to revitalise it, combatting flaws in monsoon season.

A combination of dry and oily skin requires a non-soapy anti-bacterial cleanser. Fresh strawberry pulp mixed with honey or fresh lemon juice are best to be applied to have a radiant flawless skin in this weather.

If you’re blessed with a normal skin, apply natural ingredients like wholesome milk to cleanse and coconut oil to moisturise your face. Don’t forget to apply ice pack on your facial skin daily during rainy months.

Monsoon is a common culprit that may damage your skin. Be more conscious about health during wet season. Deeply cleanse and nourish your skin to give it back its lost sheen and radiance. Make this monsoon more beautiful with gorgeous skin.

Source: The Statesman