A lady slapped Shahrukh Khan in train

Published: 1 March 2016, 09:40 AM
A lady slapped Shahrukh Khan in train

Shah Rukh Khan’s first ever arrival in Mumbai from Delhi was an eventful one. The actor, who shifted to Mumbai in the late 90s to try his luck in films, had a not-so-happy encounter with a woman passenger in the train that he was travelling in.

Recollecting how he was slapped by a lady, Shah Rukh Khan told reporters at the Fan trailer launch: “I first came to Mumbai from Delhi in train.

And I had no idea that the moment it entered Mumbai it would become a local train. We didn’t have local trains in Delhi.

So, I had no idea that an interstate train would become a local one here.

As soon as we entered Mumbai, people started coming in to sit. We shooed them away saying this is our berth.

Then a lady came along with another person. I told the lady that she could sit but not the person along with her.

She gave me a tight slap and said she will sit and every else will also sit on the berth.” SRK in and as FAN

SRK narrated the episode while answering a fan’s question on he travelled to Mumbai for the first time. “I came in a train because I wanted to come in one,” said SRK.