Zoltan BD: One of the prominent faces in food vlogging

Jago News Desk Published: 18 April 2024, 06:59 PM | Updated: 18 April 2024, 08:07 PM
Zoltan BD: One of the prominent faces in food vlogging

Restaurants have become an integral source of recreation whether it is a birthday party, hanging out with friends, anniversary, or any sort of celebration. Eating out has become an indispensable part of our everyday life. With the advent of eating out combined with the surge in users of social media, we entered the era of food and is more to food vlogging than what we see in videos. These include stories of struggles, challenges, and success. 

Similarly, food vlogger Nusrat Islam, one of the founders of Zoltan Bd, is a prominent face in food vlogging. She is inarguably one of the most popular food vloggers in the country for her YouTube channel and social media pages filled with details and reviews of rare dishes and delicacies from all corners of the country. We also often see her creating cooking content where she tries out viral weird recipes from the internet and lets her audiences know whether it’s a pass or fail recipe.

Her page Zoltan BD now has 1.1 million in Facebook. When asked about the reason behind her page being called Zoltan BD, she said Zoltan means life and they want to incorporate different segments of life in this page.

Nusrat is a big-time foodie and she loves to visit different restaurants and try out new cuisines. She never had a plan to become a food vlogger and also didn’t have the confidence, but her husband pushed her into it and that’s where the inspiration came and the rest is history. Now the appreciation she gets from her fans motivates her more to carry on.

With her unique presentation, promptness and videos filled with entertainment she has been able to win the hearts of millions of people from across the globe. Nusrat usually chooses the dishes for review based on her previous experiences, fans recommendations and sometimes to find out whether the food is worth the hype or not.

Most of Nusrat’s videos feature cuisine prepared for the masses at restaurants across the city. Nusrat believes in making different videos to cater needs of people from various demographics. Besides food vlogging, she also tries to make skits and male collaboration videos with other vloggers and celebrities.

In her personal life, Nusrat completed her Graduation from a reputed university in the country and wants to pursue an MBA next. She has received multiple accolades from reputed organizations in Dhaka.

Other than being a popular food vlogger, Nusrat is a professional news presenter and program anchor at NTV. She doesn’t want to stick to any one industry and would love to explore more and believes she has a long way to go. One of Nusrat’s dreams is to go international and make travel vlogs.