German navy chief resigns over Ukraine comments

International Desk Published: 23 January 2022, 01:55 PM | Updated: 23 January 2022, 01:55 PM
German navy chief resigns over Ukraine comments
Kay-Achim Schönbach (R) said President Putin wanted respect

The head of the German navy has resigned over controversial comments he made over Ukraine.

Kay-Achim Schönbach said the idea that Russia wanted to invade Ukraine was nonsense. He added that all President Putin wanted was respect, reports BBC. 

A number of countries have supplied weapons to Ukraine, including the US and UK. But Germany has refused Ukraine's request for ammunition.

Russia has denied claims that it is intending to invade Ukraine.

But President Vladimir Putin has issued demands to the West which he says concern Russia's security, including that Ukraine be stopped from joining the military defence alliance Nato.

He also wants Nato to abandon military exercises and stop sending weapons to eastern Europe, seeing this as a direct threat to Russia's security.

Meanwhile the UK has accused Mr Putin of plotting to install a pro-Moscow figure to lead Ukraine's government.

Mr Schönbach said on Saturday that he had resigned from his role "with immediate effect" in order to "avert further damage".

He made the comments while speaking at a think-tank discussion in India on Friday and the video was later published to social media.

In the video, Mr Schönbach said Putin needed to be treated as an equal by the west.

"It is easy to give him the respect he really demands - and also probably deserves," he said.

He added that the Crimean peninsula, which Russia annexed in 2014, "is gone and will never come back".

Ukraine's foreign ministry had described Mr Schönbach's comments as "categorically unacceptable".

The head of Nato has warned there is a real risk of a fresh conflict in Europe after an estimated 100,000 Russian troops amassed on the border.

Some 90 tonnes of US "lethal aid" has arrived in Ukraine, amid tensions over Russia's troop build-up on the border. The UK announced earlier this week that it was sending defence weapons and extra troops for training. Several other Nato members are sending military material or deploying forces.

Germany has refused to send weapons instead offering to send Ukraine a field hospital. It has reportedly blocked attempts by Estonia to send Ukraine German-origin weapons, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht told Welt am Sonntag newspaper that Berlin had already delivered respirators to Ukraine and severely injured Ukrainian soldiers are being treated in German military hospitals.

Ukraine has denounced Germany's response, accusing Berlin of undermining Western unity by refusing to transfer weapons to Ukraine or allowing some of its allies to do so.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said in a series of posts on Twitter that Germany's stance encouraged Mr Putin to launch an attack.