Is water healthy to drink any time and in any quantity?

Published: 16 June 2017, 03:13 AM
Is water healthy to drink any time and in any quantity?

We all know that pure and clear water is our best friend when it comes to health benefits. Staying hydrated is important if you want a healthier body, younger skin and shinier hair. But, do you know drinking water may harm your body if taken at a wrong time or in excess? Strange! But it’s true.

When you are not supposed to drink water?
Never drink water during meals. If you do so, digestive juices being released to digest the food you ate get diluted. It hampers the process of breaking down of food. Our saliva contains enzymes that help in digestion. Drinking water during meals dilute the saliva making the digestion process more complex.

You may suffer from acidity because water dilutes your digestive system. This unhealthy habit increases the amount of insulin in the body. When food is not digested well, the glucose filled part of the food gets converted into fat and gets stored in the body. Then a surge of insulin is required to increase overall blood sugar level. Water weakens the digestive fire if consumed while eating. It leads to obesity.

However, sipping a little water during meals is not harmful. You may drink water at room temperature 30 minutes before or after meals. It will kill the urge of drinking water during meals and also help in maintaining a healthy metabolism. Also, avoid drinking water immediately after eating raw mango as it coagulates the sap and worsens throat irritation.

How much water is healthy to drink?
Dehydration is bad but overhydrating may also be equally harmful. Health authorities recommend two litres of water every day for a normal human being doing normal physical activities. One should drink enough water to quench his thirst. Over drinking of water just for the sake to do so puts extra pressure on your body. Excess water may decrease the sodium levels in the blood. This stops electrolytes from sending signals to the cells.

When you consume too much of water, it increases the volume of blood inside the body causing unnecessary pressure on blood vessels and heart. Excess water is beyond the normal filtering capacity of kidneys. It can lead to potential damage to this system. Blood gets diluted if water is consumed in more than required amount. It results in swelling of cells which is an alarming condition. Too much intake of water depletes potassium level. You may face stomach irritation, liver problems and too much urination due to excess drinking of water.

Avert these side-effects by maintaining proper water consumption level. Two to three litres a day is sufficient and safe. Slight deviations are of no harm.

Source: The Statesman