Janmashtami today

Jago News Desk Published: 18 August 2022, 08:28 AM
Janmashtami today

Janmashtami, the birth of lord Sri Krishna and one of the major festivals of the Hindu community, is being celebrated across the country on Thursday with due religious fervor and gaiety.

In separate messages, President Md Abdul Hamid and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina greeted the members of the Hindu community on the occasion of Janmashtami and wished all success of the programmes, reports BSS.

In a message on the eve of the occasion, the President said Janmashtami is one of the major religious festivals of the Hindu community.

Sri Krishna was a symbol of humanity and social reformer whose main philosophy was to forge the bond of true love and harmony among people, removing injustice, repression, persecution and conflicts from society, he said.

According to Hindu religion, the President said, Lord Sri Krishna takes birth in ages in the world to safeguard the religious and good people and annihilate sins and malevolence of people.

"Communal harmony is our great heritage. We will have to keep intact the mutual amity and harmony with our united efforts," the President said.

"To achieve national progress and prosperity, everyone should collectively maintain the existing harmony and mutual friendship in the society," he added.

He called upon all specially the Hindu devotees to stand by the helpless and distressed people of the society imbued with the philosophy of Lord Sri Krishna.

The President wished all success of the Janmashtami celebrations.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, in her message, said Sri Krishna had upheld the flag of peace and love for humanity and justice throughout his life.

The main objective of Sri Krishna was to establish friendship among people and parity in society, the Premier said, adding that he adored the mankind through his works and lifestyle.

"Bangladesh is a country of communal harmony where people of all castes and creeds have been living in harmony for ages. Our constitution has guaranteed equal rights for people of all castes and creeds. We believe that religion is for individuals, festival for all," said Sheikh Hasina.

She said the present government is pledge-bound to maintain communal harmony in the country.

The ideals and teachings of Sri Krishna would further consolidate the thousand-year-old communal harmony and bond of friendship of the Bengalis, she said.

The Prime Minister hoped that the Janmashtami festival would inspire the disciples of Sri Krishna to follow his ideals.

She urged all to celebrate the festival maintaining social distancing due to the COVID-19 situation.

The premier wished happiness, peace and welfare for all citizens of the country.

Different religious, cultural and social organisations have also chalked out identical programmes across the country in observance of the Janmashtami.

According to mythology, Sri Krishna was born on the eighth day of dark fortnight in the Bangla month of Bhadra and he takes birth in ages in the world to safeguard the good and pious people from the hands of malevolence people by establishing truth, justice and beauty in the society.

It is usually observed on the eighth day (ashtami) of the Krishna Paksha in the month of Sharavan or Bhadrapad.

The day is a public holiday.

National dailies will publish special articles while Bangladesh Betar, Bangladesh Television, other private TV channels and radio stations will air special programmes highlighting various aspects of the eventful life of Lord Sri Krishna.

Marking the festival, Bangladesh Puja Udjapon Parishad and Mahanagar Sarbajanin Puja Committee have taken up a three-day programme centrally at Dhakeshwari National Temple in the capital.

The programme includes exchanging greeting, Geeta Joggo, seeking blessing for the country and the nation, holding historic Janmashtami procession and offering Krishna Puja as per tithi on August 19 and holding discussion on August 20.

International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKON) has also taken programmes at Swamibagh Asram in the capital marking the festival.

Besides, Swami Bholanandagiri Asram, Prabhu Jagadbandhu Mahaprakash Math, Radhamadhab Jio Deb Bigraha Temple, Baradeshwari Kalimata Temple and Crematorium, Radha Gobinda Jio Temple, Shib Temple, Ramseeta Temple and Madhab Gourio Math and different other temples and religious organizations will arrange different programmes in the capital marking the festival.