Make plans, policies considering local people, reality: PM to economists

Jago News Desk Published: 17 May 2024, 05:50 PM
Make plans, policies considering local people, reality: PM to economists
Photo: BSS

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Friday called upon the country's economists to formulate their plans, policies and programs considering the local people and reality.

"My expectations from the economists are that you will think about the people of the country and plan your policies," she said.

The premier made this call while inaugurating the 22nd Biennial conference-2024 of Bangladesh Economic Association (BEA) at the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB) in Dhaka's Ramna area.

Mentioning that the advice from foreigners won't be fruitful in the country, she said, "Someone will come to the country (from abroad) for a day or two and give us advice, but that advice will not be fruitful to us."

She added, "It will be useful which you see with your own eyes, and work for people. This will be useful. So that's how you set your policy..."

She went on saying, "Yes, we will learn from outside, but while doing it, we will do it by looking at our own country, by looking at our people, and by looking at what resources we have."

The Prime Minister also urged the country's economists to contribute to export basket diversification and strengthening the rural economy.

"I want from the economists that what kinds of products we have and how could we make those export-oriented," she said.

To this end, the premier mentioned that she directed all the envoys stationed in foreign missions to put concentration on export market diversification.

About the rural economy, Sheikh Hasina told the economists that you should think about the rural economy as the number of factories and industries is being increased while market is being expanded alongside strengthening the rural economy.

Mentioning that research is needed most, she said "I will tell the Bangladesh Economic Association that you are doing research, we also need more research."

Sheikh Hasina said that after independence, some foreign journalists asked Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman that you don't have any wealth, how will you run the country?

In reply, the Father of the Nation said, "One thing, I have soil, there are people. I will build the country with this golden soil and people."

She said that Bangabandhu did it in just three years and seven months. "If he was alive, maybe it wouldn't have taken ten years. Bangladesh was recognised as a developed country in the world."

Mentioning that her only aim is to implement the unfinished work of Father of the Nation, Sheikh Hasina told the economists that "I want your help for it."

Noting that making Bangladesh developed is her goal by changing the fate of its people, she said Bangladesh has already progressed a lot in the development journey.

"In Sha Allah, we'll continue to advance as we do now. We'll be able to overcome all obstacles no matter how many obstructions are there," she added.

Sheikh Hasina mentioned that Bangladesh will be a developed, prosperous and Smart Bangladesh by 2041, saying "Our people, economy, government and society will be smart."

"We have planned everything with that goal in mind. We have included it in our five year plan what we need for it," she added.

The Prime Minister said that she didn't stop here rather formulated "Delta Plan 2100" to prepare the country for 2100. "We have an agreement with the Netherlands as the country is also a Delta. Therefore, we will take Bangladesh forward by implementing the Delta Plan," the premier said.

Referring to the Covid-19, Ukraine-Russia war, sanction, counter sanction and last Israel's attack on Gaza (Palestine), she said "Bangladesh's economy was advancing in a way with a boom, but these international situation hindered us in the middle."

She added, Bangladesh was also barred from within the country as arson attacks and other destructive incidents by the BNP-Jamaat alliance made setback. "On the one hand, international situation and other hand local man-made anarchy, I am pulling the country forward facing everything."

The head of government said that the national budget for the coming fiscal will be unveiled on June 6. "Inshallah, we will be able to pay the budget properly and we will also implement the budget."

She said, "We have to stand on our own feet. We have to walk with self-respect. Not to beg to anyone."

BEA President Professor Abul Barkat presided over the opening session of the two-day biennial conference.

Convener of the conference preparation committee Dr Jamaluddin Ahmed delivered the welcome speech, while BEA General Secretary Professor Md Aynul Islam gave the vote of thanks.

Source: BSS