Court orders confiscation of Benazir's more properties

Senior Staff Reporter Published: 26 May 2024, 07:21 PM | Updated: 26 May 2024, 07:48 PM
Court orders confiscation of Benazir's more properties

A court in Dhaka has ordered the confiscation of various properties, including flat and company shares, in the names of former Inspector General of Police (IGP) Benazir Ahmed, his wife Zeeshan Mirza, and their daughters Farheen Rishta Binte Benazir and Tahsin Raisa Binte Benazir.

Dhaka Metropolitan Sessions Judge Mohammad Jaglul Hossain passed the order on Sunday following a plea by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

Confirming the matter, ACC lawyer Mahbub Hossain Zahangir said the investigation officer on behalf of the anti-graft body appealed for confiscation of 115 deeds of Benazir and his family's property, four flats in Dhaka, four companies wholly owned by him, 15 companies in which he has partial ownership and four BO accounts and the court granted the plea.

Earlier on May 23, a court in the capital ordered freezing 33 bank accounts and confiscating 83 property deeds of Benazir, his wife, and two daughters.