Onion prices start decreasing: Ministry

Staff Reporter Published: 17 September 2020, 07:55 PM
Onion prices start decreasing: Ministry

Onion prices has started decreasing in the kitchen markets due to the government's various measures to keep prices of the key ingredient normal, the Ministry of Commerce has claimed. 

Arrangements of importing onion from different countries on emergency basis have been begun. So, the onion market situation will be normal within a month, a handout of the ministry said on Thursday.

The handout said Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) under Commerce Ministry has started open market sale of onion at Tk 30 kg aiming to keep prices and supply of the ingredient normal. 

The government sent letter to the foreign secretary of India to take necessary step urgently on withdrawal of the country's ban on exporting onion to Bangladesh. 

The National Board of Revenue (NBR), and port authorities have been asked by the government to take necessary measures for clearing imported onion from port in the fastest time.

The government has also taken initiative to withdraw 5 percent duty on onion import until March of the nexy year, said in the handout. 

Earlier on Monday, India announced a ban on export of onion to Bangladesh. Then, onion markets in Bangladesh turned into unsual.