Bigg Boss evicted contestant files complaint against Salman Khan

Entertainment Desk Published: 9 October 2017, 05:37 AM
Bigg Boss evicted contestant files complaint against Salman Khan

As if the ongoing drama on the latest season of Bigg Boss was not enough, we now get to learn that one of the contestants Zubair Khan, who was evicted from the house yesterday, has reportedly filed a complaint against the show’s host Salman Khan for threatening him.

Those who did not get time to watch the Saturday episode of the popular reality game show, Salman lashed out at Zubair for bad-mouthing women inside the house. The superstar even called Zubair a "fraud" in reference to the latter’s claims that he was Haseena Parker’s son-in-law.
“Tumne aise kaun sa kuch kar diya hai life mein? Wo jo tumhara interview dekha tha sab jhooth hai. Ye kisi ka damaad nahi hai. Fraud hai ye,” Salman was heard saying on the Bigg Boss 11 first Weekend Ka Vaar, which aired on October 7.

Salman’s angst affected Zubair to such an extent that he consumed a few pills. He was then rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. In yesterday’s episode, it was revealed that Zubair had received the least number of votes and thus, would not return to the Bigg Boss house post his medical treatment.

Now if a report in Hindustan Times is anything to go by, Zubair has registered a complaint against Salman at the Antop Hill Police Station (Thane, Mumbai). In the complaint, Zubair claimed that Salman has threatened him that he would not get any work in the industry once he is out of the house.

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The complaint further stated that Salman had even made statements like "Tere ko kutta banaunga, tu bahar nikal tere ko chhodunga nahi. Tere ko industry me kaam nahi karne dunga, tereko marunga.”

Source: News18