Indian director to make film on Blue Whale game

Entertainment Desk Published: 9 October 2017, 08:56 AM
Indian director to make film on Blue Whale game

A movie with a focus on youngsters who are falling prey to fatal games like Blue Whale is all set to be directed by Indian filmmaker Arun Kumar who earlier directed Loosegalu starring Murali.

Arun Kumar has developed a script about the fatal game which is affecting youngsters across the nation. The story narrates how modern technology affects the youth. The director has picked Rajesh Ganapati, who acted in short movie Taskara, as protagonist.

“The movie will be directed keeping youth in mind. It focuses on four modern students. Events that happen in the daily lives of the students will be the crux of the movie. The script has been narrated to four to five producers and they have come forward to produce the movie. The team will give more information in days to come,” said Arun Kumar.

Rajesh had previously acted in Taskara a short movie directed by Devaraj - who is all set to release his first movie Kinare. Taskara has received various awards. This apart, it has registered 3.6 lakh views online.

Actor Rajesh said it was a proud moment for the team when the short film was selected for My Pichchar Reality Show in Colors Kannada.

“Arun Kumar has come up with a wonderful story and had discussed with our team. My role has been developed in sync with present students. It is a challenging role. I have been preparing for the role and my team is sources of inspiration to me,” Rajesh said.

Arun Kumar has discussed and fine-tuned the story with director Devaraj Poojary and serial and cinema dialogue writer Raju Shanbhag.

The team has surveyed thousands of audiences about its title Vidyarthi Vidyarthiniyare. The team is now busy selecting a production house and other artists. Shooting will begin in a couple of months.

Source: Bangalore Mirror