Change your mind-set to change your life

Feature Desk Published: 18 May 2022, 10:45 AM
Change your mind-set to change your life

Amongst few of the arduous tasks or challenges falls a positive mindset. Especially the young minds of today are coping with lots of challenges and leading a stressful lifestyle, which is why it is getting difficult for them to maintain a positive mindset.

This is because of the negative influences of people around us, the kinds of conversations we pay attention to, or at times having such vulnerable minds which get influenced negatively based on the kind and type of the conversation. 

At times reading sensational news leads to stress, tension, trauma, and negativity. Whereas, at times, the reason behind not being able to cop up with worldly activities happens to be a person’s weak mindset and capacity to overthink. Though, people of all age groups need to be quite clear about the fact that, no negative mindset leads to a positive outcome. Yet, no goal is unachievable with a positive mindset.

It’s high time, in order to become invincible; we first need to convince ourselves to have a positive mindset. It’s us who can change ourselves. It’s us, who can control our minds; we cannot let our minds control ourselves.

Our mind acts like a receptacle, therefore; we need to learn and understand the power and information storage capabilities of our minds. We need to feed our minds with the correct set of information and positive statistics, so as to keep them fresh and actively charged.

Another fact is that every person has a slightly different outlook toward an event. Every person reacts differently toward disappointment and discouragement.

An optimistic person will rather look for something good in everything and a pessimist would find a reason to feel self-pitied in such a situation. Let us understand it with the help of a statement:

An optimistic statement: I feel lucky for having been blessed with this life.

A pessimistic statement: My life is dull and boring.

An optimist will always focus on the positive aspects of life. Whereas, a negatively influenced person tends to focus on the negative aspects of life. Even if you are amongst one of those pessimistic or negatively influenced people; your mind could be trained and diverted towards optimism with the help of proper efforts, like, yoga, a healthy lifestyle, and meditation. Along with these few other tips to get a positive mindset are:

• Don’t hold on to a negative past.

• Feel confident about yourself.

• Even if you are getting negative responses from other people about yourself, do not take it to your heart.

• Stop overthinking, it leads to stress and negative thinking.

• Do not disqualify yourself, since everyone is born with equal capabilities, we just need to identify them and work on ourselves.

• Stop expecting others to be good to you, pamper yourself, and uplift yourself and your surroundings.

• Stop blaming others, your family, or yourself for your situation.

• Eat healthy to think healthy, because an unhealthy body and unhealthy eating habits lead to an unhealthy mind.

• Analyze what you watch on your phone or TV. 

Source: The Statesman