Heart health: Dos and don'ts to keep your heart safe in 2023

Jago News Desk Published: 22 January 2023, 10:01 PM
Heart health: Dos and don'ts to keep your heart safe in 2023
Photo: Pexels via Hindustan Times

Binge eating and drinking puts a person at a risk of high cholesterol levels and diabetes; in some cases, it can also lead to increase in blood pressure and sugar levels hence, it is known that ‘moderation is the key’, especially when it comes to consuming alcoholic drinks, eating your favorite foods, distressed sleep patterns or performing a high-intensity activity. Keeping that in mind, one should embrace this new year 2023 by adopting the ‘moderation mantra’, especially in the light that doctors are seeing increasing number of patients coming in with cardiac issues, that could turn fatal, all due to binge drinking, eating and prolonged lack of sleep.

Doctors highlight that sometimes, repeated episodes of binge eating and drinking could lead to near-to-fatal outcomes like cardiac arrest and have also identified excessive drinking and eating as one of the leading causes of Cardiomyopathy - a disorder that makes it harder for the heart to pump. Hence, it is advised to not only eat in moderation but to make sensible food choices.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Vivek Mahajan, Consultant-Interventional Cardiology at Fortis Hospital in Kalyan in Thane district of Maharashtra state and Dr Prashant Pawar, Consultant-Cardiology at Hiranandani Hospital in Vashi, Mumbai, Maharashtra, cited an example and suggested, “When eating out, choose to eat Indian food instead of meat and bread-heavy items, among others. Indian food being low on salt, calories, trans fats etc., doesn’t have a negative impact on one’s health and will leave you satiated through the evening.”

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Alcohol consumption has an immediate or near-immediate effect on one’s heart rhythm where frequent binge drinking episodes can increase the risk of Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) according to research by American College of Cardiology. At greater risk are people indulging in more than two drinks in one sitting and the research further states that every 0.1 per cent increase in blood alcohol concentration within a span of 12 hours leads to 40 per cent higher odds of an episode of Atrial Fibrillation thus, consumption of excessive alcohol is a big no.

Dr Vivek Mahajan and Dr Prashant Pawar cautioned, “These severe outcomes on health worsen when paired with a lack of sleep. As sound sleep has rejuvenating effects on one’s immune system and heart health, binge drinking and eating clubbed with lack of sound sleep can send the system into disarray. Since moderation is the key, these binging episodes should be avoided, and more heart-healthy choices should be made.”

Here are some tips they advised to help you safeguard your heart health, while you celebrate with your loved ones:

  • Stick to your regular exercise routine; in tune with the holiday season, you may consider dancing to your favorite music with family and friends
  • Stick to smaller servings during key mealtimes; if you feel pecking in between – consider eating a fruit or a handful of nuts
  • During mealtimes, choose healthier options over highly processed finger food
  • Choose fresh fruit as a substitute for dessert
  • Do not skip prescribed medication; strictly do not take your medication with alcohol
  • Try and avoid alcohol consumption altogether but if you do give in to a glass of wine, ensure that you drink in moderation, space your drinks out and have ample amount of water in between
  • Avoid staying awake late in the night

With these tips, ‘celebration in moderation’ can be your mantra to have a healthy start to 2023!

Source: Hindustan Times