UN to hold another meeting on Ukraine

International Desk Published: 10 May 2022, 10:59 AM
UN to hold another meeting on Ukraine
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The UN Security Council is expected to hold a new public meeting on Thursday on Russia's war in Ukraine, in light of the continuing deterioration of the humanitarian situation, diplomats said Monday.

The session, requested by France and Mexico, will be the 16th held by the Security Council since the Russian invasion of February 24, as part of an effort by western states to maintain pressure on Russia, which as a permanent member of the council has the power to block measures it disapproves of, reports AFP. 

France and Mexico have requested briefings from the UN Department of Humanitarian Affairs (Ocha) and the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef), a diplomat said.

The meeting comes after the bombing at the weekend of a school in eastern Ukraine, in which 60 civilians were killed, according to Kyiv.

It will be held on the same day as an extraordinary session in Geneva of the UN Human Rights Council, requested by Ukraine, on "the deterioration of the human rights situation in Ukraine."

The new Security Council meeting will follow the adoption on Friday of a unanimous Security Council statement, initiated by Norway and Mexico, giving "strong support" to the UN Secretary General in his search for "a peaceful solution" to the conflict.

That first demonstration of unity since the invasion began won the support of Moscow, which had hitherto blocked the initiatives of the Security Council.