Kangana Ranaut says Instagram deleted her post

Jago News Desk Published: 9 May 2021, 05:44 PM | Updated: 9 May 2021, 06:03 PM
Kangana Ranaut says Instagram deleted her post

After being banned by Twitter, Kangana Ranaut feels that she will not last on Instagram for ‘more than a week’. She claimed that her post announcing her Covid-19 diagnosis was taken down by the photo-sharing platform and suggested that it must have been reported by the ‘Covid fan club’.

Taking to Instagram Stories, Kangana wrote, “Instagram has deleted my post where I threatened to demolish Covid because some were hurt. Matlab terrorists and communists sympathisers suna tha twitter pe lekin (I had heard of terrorist and communist sympathisers on Twitter but) Covid fan club awesome... It’s been two days here on insta but don’t think will last here more than a week.” She also added several laughing emojis.

Earlier this month, Kangana shared a picture of herself in a yoga pose and talked about experiencing symptoms of Covid-19. On getting tested, her report confirmed that she was positive for the virus.

“I have quarantined myself, I had no idea this virus is having a party in my body, now that I know I will demolish it, people please don’t give anything any power over you, if you are scared it will scare you more, come let’s destroy this Covid -19 it is nothing but a small time flu which got too much press and now psyching few people. Har Har Mahadev,” she added in her post.

Last week, Kangana’s Twitter account was permanently suspended for violation of policies, after she shared incendiary posts on the recent West Bengal assembly elections. A spokesperson for the platform said that she has violated its rules on several occasions, especially the ‘hateful conduct’ and ‘abusive behaviour’ policies.

Responding to her ban, Kangana said in a statement that it is only proof of the entitlement of ‘white’ people to ‘enslave a brown person’. She added that she has several other platforms, including films, to express her opinions.

Source: Hindustan Times