Suniel Shetty says today’s heroes are ‘insecure’, film industry has ‘no voice’

Jago News Desk Published: 22 November 2022, 10:03 PM
Suniel Shetty says today’s heroes are ‘insecure’, film industry has ‘no voice’
Photo: The Indian Express

Suniel Shetty, who is presently promoting his web series Dharavi Bank, recently said that the actors of today are “insecure about themselves” and more concerned with the amount of money they get to take home rather than what they are contributing to the project.

In a chat with ETimes, Shetty was asked why two-hero films are so difficult to make these days when his career saw some of its highs in projects where he shared the screen space with other popular actors like Akshay Kumar and Sanjay Dutt. “Each one is insecure about themselves. Each one talks about the amount of money he wants to take home and not about how much money he wants to put into the product,” he said. Suniel also pointed out that actors are more visible to their audience when they want to promote something and because of this, they can’t seem to form strong relationships with their audience.

“When they want to talk to their audience, it’s only pre-release, not through the year. When you redeem your audience and you want the audience to stick to you, you got to give them something constantly. You have to think of them and not yourself. I don’t take my dog for a walk when I have to release a film. I don’t go and support an NGO when I have to release a film, that has to be a part of my DNA. Those are things we don’t talk about,” he said. The Hera Pheri actor added that the audience does not care about what car an actor drives or which restaurant they frequent, but they do care about them being a “real hero.” He said, “Is he a great human being? Is he doing stuff for people? Is he considerate?”

Suniel said that because of this self-centered nature, the film industry is prone to verbal attacks. He mentioned that his generation of actors knew members of various unions and associations and were always there for them. “We were there for them, we supported them so when people went against us, they stood up for us, they were our voice. Today, we have no voice. Each one has to speak for themselves and the world is thrashing you. So when you are being thrashed, you are hiding. Whereas if you have your workers, your union, your people speak up for you and say ‘our entire world runs on this, this is our bread and butter,’ things fall into place so it is a big gap,” he said.

Suniel Shetty is known for appearing in films like Hera Pheri, Mohra, Dhadkan among many others across the 1990s.

Source: The Indian Express