Hasina- A Daughter’s Tale: Must watch for Millennials

Ali Murtaz Khosru Published: 29 November 2018, 04:30 PM
Hasina- A Daughter’s Tale: Must watch for Millennials

Our daughter Mahirah Murtaza likes to watch the pictures and videos of our wedding. Her main curiosity is to know about our feelings, excitements, looks and beauty of that time.

Like her we all like to watch videos/ pictures of our parent’s wedding as because we didn't see that founding event of our birth. So like to feel and watch the moments when the seed of our birth was planted.

Like this desire especially generation X and Y (the millennials) also have a passion to know about the birth of Bangladesh and about father of Bangladesh. By the creation of Centre for Research and Information (CRI) and Applebox Films we have got the opportunity to watch those auspicious moments through Hasina-A Daughter’s Tale. We know if Bangabandhu was not born then we wouldn't see Bangladesh and if Sheikh Hasina was not alive then Bangladesh wouldn't remain Bangladesh.

Just after leaving the pediatric ophthalmologist’s chamber it's really weird to enter into cinema hall along with the affected daughter. But we can't refrain ourselves from watching the mostly awaiting docudrama which presents how a woman with a carefree, simple childhood changed into a leader determined to seek justice against those who conspired to assassinate her 20 family members. ! The docudrama is a lovely gift from cri and applebox for millennial.

While entering into the cinema hall, our daughter was complaining like “oh no! Where are you going?” Doctor Uncle has forbidden me from watching TV! But magically within few minutes she became changed. She uttered loudly oh my god! This is Hasina Dida and gradually became calm. Anyway, in the meantime the historical moments have been started showing.

After watching the docudrama some realization and special feelings of us; 

1. Bangabandhu was a godly gift from Almighty for giving freedom of Bangladeshi people. Politician like him is rarely born in the universe!

2. Bangabandhu was a leader with exceptional soul as because we saw there was no revenging mindset in him. The dialogue with foreign journalist was the greatest one. "I don't believe in revenge". In fact he didn't show his power through taking revenge in any issues! Actually revenge widens the scope and pathway of making more hostilities. Love is the best medicine and weapon to treat the sickly souls. Nowadays this is seen that some atom like politicians become powerful overnight and start jumping over people physically and verbally to show their so called adulterated sick power. Power –politics strategy/game should be changed to initiate the pro-people praiseworthy politics.

3. Just after arrival in country when he delivered speech in Sohrawardi uddan we noticed that there was flood! Flood of people to shower love on him. Leader should be like him to whom people's pleasure & plea are the supreme priority.

4. Hasina; a religious soul. We saw she (nameless Hasina and Rehena) took shelter in Delhi and went to Nizam uddin shrine for blessings. She bestowed herself on Almighty. She started milad on road. What a deep love & faith in Almighty, the place of comfort and peace.

5. Little bit selfish! Selfishness for common mass people. She pushed her children to sister Rehena for schooling. What a passionate motivated lady, the real soldier of father who fights alone. It reminds us the Aamir khan's film Dangal (based on true story). A great message for all especially who think that only baby boys are the right solider/asset to make father's dream true and make father's incomplete dream complete. Not at all! We saw in this shining docudrama that Hasina, the daughter, is the only fighter and soldier to establish democracy and to make true of her father's dream; sonar Bangla. Her fight for democracy during Ershad’s presidency, her loss in the 1991 polls, constantly put under house arrest afterwards, as well as the several assassination attempts on her life made her more adamant to make her father’s dream true.

6. Faith in law and justice. She might take revenge but she didn't do that. We see she puts belief in law and justice. So, she started waiting to hang father's assassins through verdict. This is the beauty of power. Like her father, in spite of being powerful not showing power has made Hasina a great soul.

7. Simplicity is her most attractive beauty. No extra fabricated beautification. Just like showing honor to Almighty and nature. No arrogance! A soft mother and a lovely sister!

8. Root is the main strength of her. Grievously nowadays it is seen that to digest the engulfed black money and to hide themselves from people in their worst times some politicians buy luxury houses at home and abroad. But here we saw that Hasina, daughter of Bangabandhu is the mostly different iconic politician who after retirement wants to enjoy her elderly life at her village home Tungipara, the root (to mingle with home-grown people) along with her family. Just reverse. That's why Hasina, the number one.

9. In her view, Life might be full of odd things. All difficulties, challenges, limitations have to be faced and overcome. What a practical thought indeed. But sadly sometimes this is heard that some so called politicians think that they are powerful, they are elite, so no difficulties and packings shall be tolerated and if faced then it will be uprooted. Wish this docudrama would touch everyone positively!

The last comment from our daughter was; babaji where is Hasina dida's babaji? We felt sad. “Assassination of the father of Bangalee in Bangladesh is really unthinkable and unbearable! ". What  a selfishness!

Everyone especially the millennials need to know the history truly from beginning of life journey.

Thank you HPM. Through you all souls of Bangladesh have got peace and forgiveness from Bangabandhu as you have achieved and ensured the justice. The real daughter! Congratulations and salutations to you!!