The Literary Genius of Poet Aminul Islam

Jago News Desk Published: 18 November 2022, 02:59 PM | Updated: 18 November 2022, 03:11 PM
The Literary Genius of Poet Aminul Islam
Poet Aminul Islam

By Md Badruddoza

From the aesthetic point of view, poetry is the most popular branch of literature. It is a brilliant presentation of emotions. It is both creative and intellectual work in nature. Poet's poetry comes from the mind to the pen. Poetry is not written by mere thinking. The various waves of the poet's mind are woven into the weave of beautiful words to create a poem. That's why poetry is called the queen of literature. Through various changes and evolution, our poetry has become rich and popular today. Poet Aminul Islam is one of those whose efforts have brought Bengali poetry to its current position. Poet Aminul Islam is a prominent name in modern Bengali poetry. As he has enriched the Bengali poetry arena by gifting poems of high literary quality, he is also getting brighter and brighter. He is a master at composing deep resonant and deeply emotional poetry. His poetry is tasteful, not unintelligible at all and draws the reader like a stream and his writing is full of light.

It is easily conceivable by the intelligent readers that it is not possible to discuss and evaluate the literary works of poet Aminul Islam in a small scale. I have read his poetry. To discover him fully requires a more compact and intensive reading of his poetry. Today I will highlight him as a strong and independent poet in Bengali poetry. He is working diligently as part of his love for poetry, responsibility towards people and soil. He shines in his own light as a born poet without imitating or following anyone. Aminul Islam's wisdom and understanding of life is so profound that it is difficult to describe it in short sentences. He is working with deep devotion and sincerity with steadfast confidence. His Strong confidence is constantly taking him to the top of success.

His poetry is particularly rich in subject matter. His personality and poetic mind shine equally high. The ever-increasing society, states, world and global injustices have been reflected in his poetry. He belongs to the few poets who have been able to achieve the glory of imagery and symbolism in our rich poetic literature. He is one of those whose valuable contributions modern Bengali poetry has been blessed with. His poetry is distinctly recognizable. He is known as a real and powerful poet. In deep pursuit, he created an exotic tone in his poetry.

Aminul Islam is a progressive and gifted poet. He is a brilliant poet. He is one of those who have been able to achieve boundless appreciation in our poetic literature in terms of thought, variation, imagery, and metaphor. The mesmerizing word's precise application and amazing versatility in its aesthetic expression have earned him immense fame. Due to the novelty of his creative genius, he has been able to attract the attention of the poetry-lovers as a poet of a different temperament. Country-soil-society, life crisis is highlighted in his poetry. His writing inspires and enlivens us. Domestic life comes up in his poems. He served poetry with flavor. His poems describe the bright and shining childhood of the village. As always, he is a smiling and lively person. His poetic sense stands out among his contemporaries. Various images of rural life have appeared in his poems in modern style and taste.

As a root-seeking poet, his numerous poems have earned him the reputation of high-quality literary work. People's lives and thoughts become clear due to deep sincerity and innocent writing. He has been able to establish himself as a highly social conscious poet through his own merits. His proverbial creation is an invaluable asset of literature. With deep trust in our history, tradition and social values, he is continuously creating a rich and traditional land of Bengali poetry. His writings are our unique inspiration. He is an industrious word-seeking poet. His devotion to the pursuit of graceful floral sounds deserves high praise. Nature, rivers, women, love are remarkably favorite themes of his poetry. Although he is a Bangladeshi by nationality, he has explained the various happenings of the international world through the weaving of beautiful words being a responsible global citizen. He constantly sought the beauty. He wants to express in his poems that people practice literature in order to be energized by the joy of life.

Poetry of poet Aminul Islam is distinctive from other poets. His own way of life, thinking and realization deserve such a peculiarity. He has to write under various adversities. Strong self-confidence and tireless hard work have gifted him the precious garland of success. Bengal's monsoons, rivers and weather have had a severe impact on his personal and poetic life. In this case, a glorious quote of the poet in which he expresses, "The river has exerted an almost permanent influence on my personal life, on my dream-yard and on my poetic thoughts." But the river was lost before poet’s youth. He is painful to lose the river that is his eternal love. One day this very river made him into a poet. That is why he is nostalgic today. This lamentable memory has spread through his various poems. He loved the river and life exclusively. He has expressed the betrayal of human life through the weaving of words.

He has a vast experience of life. He has highlighted various inconsistencies of day-to-day life in his poetry. Throughout the body of his poetry, various conflicts of life's pain are revealed in amazing glory. All the hostile environment of the world pains him, he is distressed and utters the treachery of breaking barriers and chains in poetry. He is an influential poet. The philosophy, mythology, history, culture, art, and past and present of different countries are depicted in his poetry. In mentality he is a citizen of the Universe. Hence his poetry has extended beyond the boundaries of time and country. His poetry is full of tasteful sweetness. Poet Aminul Islam is famous as a poet of symbolic protest. There are various symbols and images in his poetic body. Various inconsistencies of the society have been painted in the letters with brilliant watercolors. He uses satire and symbol as artistic weapons to express his painful feelings and poetic protest. In his protest he is indirect but sharp.

There is no one all around

Nobody is there—

This is the attestation of 

Ten eye-witnesses.


So here, the axe is the hero

Bearing the bundle of success

On the shoulder,

Returning home----hurrah.. ..!

And, see—

The light of evolution-theory

Is splitting from

The smile of the axe.

(Kurhaler Haasi) 

He is very much aware of the dynamics of language. He continues to enrich the dynamic Bengali language in versatile ways with his poetic thoughts. As a poet close to the soil, he is committed to non-stop writing. He is modern and classical at the same time. True Poetry is always free and fair. It is not advisable to chain its feet. However, he is writing keeping in mind the fact that freedom of speech and misuse should be taken care of. As a powerful inborn poet, he has been able to keep his signature of great talent and added a different dimension to Bengali poetry. The scenario of his poetry is tightly bound. He is enriching the literature in many ways. He created a stir in the poetry world by presenting a new and unique poetic language. He has left the signature of genius in reshaping modernity. He has been able to leave an impression of uniqueness in the use of words, similes, imagery, sentence structure, and expressiveness. His poetic language is vastly different and varied from that of any other poet. His poetry is catchy because of his skillful use of rhymes. The intensity of his poetic language deserves greater discussions. He blessed the reader with melodious poetry in new ornaments. If a poet's poem does not touch the heart of the reader, then it does not get the status of excellent poetry. Each of his writings has a touch of life. He also showed skill in using of rhymes in poetry. In his poetry Aminul Islam creates endless treasure of enjoyment for the reader who are cultured and enlightened and accustomed to enjoy literary work. 

The structural variety and linguistic skills of his poems are beyond debate. He brought about new usage of punctuation and poetry quotations. He saw the world through different eyes and perspectives. In this case, he has a progressive mindset. He has made his poetry bright and characteristic through the perfect use of native and foreign words. He has been able to immerse the reader in a joyful reading through various creations. A special aspect of his writings is the multidimensional use of word. In this regard, he has set an extraordinary skill and precedent. He is one of those poets who have changed the language of Bengali poetry by creating their own poetic language. He is proficient in writing poetry of all genres. He composed long and short poems. I found the taste of innovation in all his poems. He composed some poems by using Sadhu(Standard) Chalita ( colloquial) and regional Bengali language together. Imagery, alliteration, juxtaposition, etc. have been properly applied in the poem. In this he has been able to keep his signature of unparalleled skill and originality. There is an enchantment in his poetry which is almost impossible to be translated. 

`I am a strange lover--- swallow everyday 

The fire of Tomahawk;

In the world deserted by spring,

I am a hypothesis of the Yama amused with wonder.

In a dream-yard touched by death

I plant the seeds of sacred fig 

In the belief of poet Jibananda Das 

And sing songs

The melody of nature is tied to my voice;

Hey friend, don’t forget to recognize,

The faith of the enchanting poet if that is true in different way.’

(Tobu Prem Tobu Ghar Bandha)

Being the priest of truth and beauty. He touched our hearts with pure poetic spirit and heartfelt similes. His poetry has deep expressions of joy, pain and passion and pure love. The words of his poems have a mesmerizing leafy craft. There is the brightness of joy and glory. He has decorated his picturesque poetic landscape with extraordinary and novel skill. The wonderful feeling of his voice fascinates us. The scattering of meanings and thoughts of the words used in his poetry enriches the mind of the reader. The unique emptiness existing in his poetic mind has given meaningful poetry, enriched us with vitality and soulful poetry. There is sadness of isolation in his poetry. There are songs of liberation from isolation, there are feelings of pain. Dissonance in various fields, including world politics, immigration, humanity, and culture, is aesthetically placed in his poetry. Various crises have come up in his poems in different ways. His poetry has a wonderful expression of his own culture and myth. His skillful presentation of history and tradition in the world shows how great a poet he is.

In his poetry, he presented Bangladesh, which was affected by the destruction of war and was suffering from pain. In his poetry, there is patriotism, there is respect for our motherland. He is the possessor of great courage and extraordinary vitality. There is a commitment to change the life consciousness in his poetry. Constantly starving people find place in his poetry. Thus, he has become a hero of common people. Despondency, depression, loneliness has been meaningfully shaped in his poetry. The writer must stand before the mirror of time. The whole world is made of poetry. Many wise people have said this. I also agree with them. His poetry has a bright expression of true beauty. He says he is a farmer's son. The poet's heart lies on the rural paths, on the golden harvest fields, on the New Year festival, on the dusty path. Therefore, in his past life, he has revealed it in profound simplicity. He is a modern and romantic poet. The deeper and wider the achievement of a poet, the more beauty and grandeur will be revealed in his creation. "Heard melodies are sweet but those unheard are sweeter"-Keats. Through the open window of a poet's feeling one can see the vast world. True poets see with a third eye. The natural beauty has fascinated him. The daily golden childhood haunts the poet in many ways. Countless Rows of flowers wrapped in green love; mango pine-Indian beech have attracted the poet's heart in a great way. In his poetry there is the song of the sun's enchanted horizon. There is rural life full of light and magic, golden morning. He is truly a poet of the roots. Reading his poetry gives a taste of our root and soil. There is pure taste and tide of love in these poems.

Possessing keen poetic power, he brings out the seen-unseen landscape in front of us in a wonderful word-style with aplomb. The beauty of his poetry, the fascination, is immeasurable. People hold many sorrows. He has been hurt by the painful cries of helpless people. The pain of the times, the anger of separation, these are the silver crops of his poetry which he has imbibed with his own wisdom. A poet is a human bird. The song of life is eternal. Poet teaches people to live, like trees, with their head held high. Let there be no demise before death.

Originality is indeed a poet-writer's greatest asset. In his poetry, the language of life close to the soil is echoed letter by letter. If a poet does not love the country, soil and people deeply, if he does not witness their lives closely, no poet's writing can be qualified to be worthy. Aminul Islam saw the life of people in the mirror of the humane psychology and reflected it in his poetry. He has given a wonderful exploration of the smell of plants and dense soil in his poetry. To him, the river means the water of sweet caress. The river Mahananda, full of youth pulls him vehemently. He has seen many rivers while traveling around the world, but he could not forget the river of his childhood for once. In his various writings, the rivers of his country, especially the rivers of North Bengal, are expressed in a sympathetic tone.

In his writings, he has successfully transformed the consciousness of the common man. The lives of ordinary people are colorful in his writings. In his poetry, the genuine fragrance of the soil of rural Bengal is found. Human love, separation, the heart of the Bengali is expressed in the luminous poetry. In his poetry there is a flock of fireflies, fistful of sunshine. He speaks of the common people in uncommon manner-- modern and sophisticated. His poetry is very valuable in relation to society and life. Life is a mixed beauty land. The poet has to be talented and brave in this journey of beauty. He has to advance in this journey through various adversities. Literature is evaluated in terms of time. Not all survive. Not all authors are anointed with the vocabulary of literary treasures. I believe his poetry will live forever as a tree of hope. In this context, a description of his creative work is given below: 1. Bachai Kabita 2. Promikar Jonno Sharsangkhep. 3. Bhalobashar Bhugoley. 4. Abhibashir Gaan 5. Railgari Lichur Desh. 6. Bishwayon Bangla Kabita O Anyano Probondho 7. Jochanar Raat- Bedonar Behala. 8. Jalchithi Nil Swapner Duar. 9. Hijoler Circuit House. 10. Pronoyee Nadir kachey. 11. Jaler Akkhorey Lekha Prempatro. 12. Swapner Haalkhata. 13. Ramnar Kokil. 14. Kuashar Barnamala.15. Shesh Hemanter Joshna 16. Path Bendhey Dilo Bandhanheen Granthi.17. Nazrul Sageet: Baanir Baibhab.There are novel surprise in selecting the names of his books.

Aminul has an unassuming and modest demeanor to attract people. He had a strong passion for art and literature since his childhood. He expressed in words the picture of rural life which he had drawn in his heart. A true poet is a traveler of truth, so he is seen to seek truth. He is an important poet of the time, as evidenced by his great popularity among readers and the writings and discussions of famous literary critics of the country about his poetry works. A dream thirst works in the atrium of this dreamy poet's mind. The constant pain of creations inspires him to create new things. Like a flaming torch he has manifested his consciousness. The golden island of his great imagination and wisdom is his immense creative work. Here is found the dispersion of the light of his knowledge. He has a vast study on Bengali language and poems of the best poets of different languages of the world which can be understood by reading his poems.

He is a born poet both powerful and hard working. His writing attracts us. His writing is strong as sunlight. He expressed his unusual feelings in poetry, painted letter pictures in poetry. Just as poets work to dispel the darkness of society, he also sings songs of love with the aim of making life filled with joy and light. A world without love and affection the poet never wants. So, he wanted to spread the light sourced from the source of darkness, talking about the pain of life with the joy of creation. His love poems make blossom of love. He wrote many love poems on nature, country, women and mother. In these poems, personal love has been expressed in the artistic way as well as in the same way it has attracted us to a deep love for the country. In some of his love poems, personal love has turned into mystical love. Some of his poems have a miraculous serenity. These poems are rich in unique metaphors. So, the words used in his poetry have taken the form of beautiful flowers. He saw the sky in light. His poetry contains philosophy as well as beauty. To be a great poet one must be kind hearted and a philosopher.

`Look, beauty is lying folded on blue and white cover

The red light kisses the black and white eyes

Morning breeze comes and plays with dark-cloud hairs

Nothing to be delayed

Thrilled feelings opens up the folds of two colored prettiness

The stale cloths will be discarded

Though there is guarding of courtyard

Yet the fragrant gratefulness exalts all the security.’

( Shuey Achhey Sundar)

A variety of artistic qualities can be found in the reading of poet Aminul Islam's poems. He is appreciated as a poet who loves tradition and roots. He has become known to the reader in many ways through his valuable gifts. He deserves to be anointed as a modern, romantic poet. The upbeat tone of his poetry stirs the reader's mind, initiates deep attraction towards homeland and life. Poet is not made, poet is born. We do not write poetry; poetry makes us write it. Possessing great life and imagination, this brave poet is giving us the direction to read poetry. I think it is necessary to evaluate the literary work of this valuable poet of multi-dimensional talent. 

Aminul Islam writes poetry in Bengali language which is his mother tongue. Beauty and enchantment created in his poetry could not be translated. For enjoying with sufficient satisfaction, one is to read his poetry in that language. I have just tried to simply introduce him to the readers who do not know Bengali at this moment. 

The writer, Md. Badruddoza, is a poet & essayist.