Deep sleep for beautiful body and mind

Published: 7 June 2017, 03:46 AM
Deep sleep for beautiful body and mind

So much hustle and bustle all around the world. Work seems to be more and time seems to be too less. Your body and mind need relaxation through adequate sound sleep to function properly. Getting enough sleep may help you do your tasks better and lead a happy life. Take out time to sleep well from your busy schedule and give yourself a good care. It’s really worth it!

A good and adequate amount of sleep is essential to restore your body’s energy, repair muscles and help to grow well. The amount of sleep and the quality, both are equally important. According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, the amount of sleep you need depends on your age. Children from zero to four years need at least 11-12 hours of sleep. Children among age group of five to 12 years need to sleep for at least 10 hours a day.

Teenagers require a sleep of nine to 10 hours and adults should sleep for seven to eight hours every day. At the same time, getting too much sleep may not be healthy.

People who don’t get enough sound sleep are at higher risk of certain diseases like heart problems, kidney diseases, obesity, headache, migraine and depression. It may also affect your personal and professional life. You may not concentrate well in your work and remain fatigued and frustrated. It may impact your relation with your family and friends as you may become less tolerant and short tempered. If you’re not sleeping enough on a regular basis, you may have an underlying sleep disorder like insomnia or sleeplessness. Sleep deficiency may harm your driving ability as much or more than being drunk.

It is important to make time to unwind and take enough good sleep so that you may have good health and enjoy life. It may improve your mood, decrease blood pressure, relieve pain, stress or depression and boost immune and cardiovascular system. It may reduce anxiety and help relax the muscle. Not only physical health, a proper sleep may also improve your mental and emotional well-being. You may live a longer life.

On work front also, you may become more productive and efficient. A good night sleep improves learning and problem solving skills. It may help you pay attention, make decisions, be creative, control your emotions and behaviors and cope with changes around. Sleep also plays a significant role in puberty and fertility. A good sleep promotes normal growth in children and teens. It triggers the body to promote cell and tissue repair.

Don’t overlook the crucial part of optimal health – adequate quality sleep. As you make time for your work, family and other commitments, make time for a good sleep too. Inadequate sleep is definitely a problem but there is certainly a cause behind it that can be a bigger problem. There may be some imbalance in your lifestyle that may affect the ability to sleep. It may be your jam-packed schedule or a bad habit like drinking tea or coffee before going to bed.

Be aware of the risks of sleep deficiency. Even with poor sleep, many people think that they can function well. But this is not true. It can cause fatal damage physically, mentally and emotionally.

Source: The Statesman