Road crashes claim 543 lives in April

Staff Reporter Published: 7 May 2022, 06:36 PM
Road crashes claim 543 lives in April
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As many as 543 people, including 67 women and 81 children, were killed in around 427 road accidents across the country in April this year.

Road Safety Foundation on Saturday made the disclosure in a press release sent to the media.

The organization, which works for safe roads and safe driving, prepared the report based on news published on seven national dailies, five online news portals, and electronic media.

According to the report, around 427 road accidents happened in the country last April, leaving 543 people, including 67 women and 81 children, dead. 

Of the deceased, 206 lost their lives in 189 motorcycle accidents which are 37.93 percent of the total deaths.

What are the reasons behind the accidents?

The organization said defective vehicles, reckless speed, the drivers' irresponsible mentality, inefficiency, and physical-mental sickness cause the accidents. 

There are also several reasons behind the accidents that include having no fixed salary and working hours for the transport workers and drivers, slow-speed vehicles, reckless motorcycle riding by teenagers and youths, lack of knowledge among people about traffic law and tendency of not complying with, poor traffic management, lack of capacity of BRTA and extortion in the transport sector.

To prevent accidents, Road Safety Foundation made recommendations below-

  • To increase steps to create skilled drivers
  • fix salary and working hours of drivers
  • increase the capacity of BRTA
  • ensure that transport owners-workers, passengers, and pedestrians comply with traffic law
  • stop the movement of the low-speed vehicles on highways and make separate side roads (service roads) for these
  • construct road dividers on all highways gradually
  • stop extortion in the transport sector
  • reduce pressure on the road by renovating and expanding rail and waterways
  • make and implement sustainable transport strategies
  • execute Road Transport Act-2018 unhindered