Shilpa Shetty promises ‘to survive challenges’ in first post after husband’s arrest

Jago News Desk Published: 23 July 2021, 04:20 PM
Shilpa Shetty promises ‘to survive challenges’ in first post after husband’s arrest

Shilpa Shetty’s first post after the arrest of husband Raj Kundra comes with a message of refusing to bow down in front of adversity. This is the first time Shilpa has responded after Raj’s arrest on Monday night for allegedly creating and distributing porn via mobile applications.

Taking to Instagram, Shilpa shared a page of a book and a quote by James Thurber.

“Do not look back in anger; or forward in fear but around in awareness,” her post, that came up late on Thursday, said.

“We look back in anger at the people who’ve hurt us, the frustrations we’ve felt, the bad luck we’ve endured. We look forward in fear at the possibility that we might lose our job, contract a disease, or suffer the death of a loved one. The place we need to be is right here, right now—not looking anxiously at what has been or what might be, but fully aware of what is. I take a deep breath, knowing that I’m lucky to be alive. I have survived challenges in the past and will survive challenges in the future. Nothing need distract me from living my life today,” the quote added.

Mumbai Police have said earlier that they have ‘sufficient evidences’ against Raj Kundra.

On Tuesday, a Mumbai court had remanded Kundra and the IT head of his company, Ryan Thorpe, to police remand till July 23. At least 11 people, including Kundra, have been arrested in the case.

The investigators have learnt that the pornographic clips made in India were transferred to the UK-based Kenrin, which would further upload the videos on the Hotshots app, formerly under the ownership of Armsprime Media. Kundra was a co-owner of Armsprime and after the application was sold for $25,000, he resigned from the post. Police have said they have not found any involvement of Shilpa Shetty in the case till now. The actor will see the release of her comeback, Hungama 2, on Friday.

Source: The Indian Express