Aamir Khan responds to criticism over his Punjabi accent in Laal Singh Chaddha

Jago News Desk Published: 3 August 2022, 08:53 PM | Updated: 5 August 2022, 11:53 AM
Aamir Khan responds to criticism over his Punjabi accent in Laal Singh Chaddha

The trailer of Aamir Khan’s Laal Singh Chaddha elicited a mixed response. While some have appreciated the music and cinematography, others have criticised Aamir’s expressions and said he is reprising his PK role. Celebrities ike Sargun Mehta even commented on his Punjabi accent, saying that he could have done better.

During a recent media interaction, Aamir responded to the backlash and said, “Woh trailer mein aadha dikhta hai na? The trailer is of 2 minutes, and our film is 2.30 hours long. So it would be better if you can judge these aspects after watching the film.” He added, “Agar mein theth Punjabi bolunga toh baki logon ko nahi samaj aayega…aapko samaj aa jayega. Aap film dekh lijiye… mujhe umeed hai ki aap disappointed nahi honge (If I spoke perfect Punjabi, others might not understand, even if you do. You watch the film. I’m sure you would not be disappointed).”

During a conversation with India.com, Sargun Mehta had said, “If the superstar next does a Bengali film and uses too much of Bengali words, then we’ll be not able to understand it. Aamir Khan sir is not a Punjabi and he has taken up a role. Actors are supposed to take versatile roles. I can say that he could have done a bit better but jitna bhi unhone kia hain bahot kaam and mehnat lagti hain sirf utna karne mein bhi (He’s put a lot of effort and hard work into what he’s done).”

Meanwhile, Aamir Khan has been defending Laal Singh Chaddha aganist criticism. On the similarities between Laal Singh Chaddha and his PK performance, Aamir had said that while both of them possess innocence, they’re entirely different. He said, “This is a very strong quality that both of them possess. So, in the trailer, you might not be able to see the difference which you will see in the whole performance. Toh jab aap Laal ka poora performance dekhenge toh I am hoping ki dono characters aapko bohot innocent lagein but woh aapko alag kirdar lagega. Woh aapko PK nahi lagega, mere hisab se (When you watch the film, I am hoping that you spot the same innocence in Laal but you realise they are two different characters. I think you won’t feel it’s PK).”

Laal Singh Chaddha, which also stars Kareena Kapoor, will release in theatres on August 11.

Source: The Indian Express