Dilip Kumar turns 96

Entertainment Desk Published: 11 December 2018, 09:50 AM | Updated: 11 December 2018, 10:06 AM
Dilip Kumar turns 96
Dilip Kumar with her wife Saira Banu

Dilip Kumar, one of India’s most distinguished film personalities turns 96 today.

His tirelessly devoted wife Saira Banu says no big celebrations are planned this time. Says the yesteryears’ beauty queen who regaled us with films such as Junglee and Shagird, “We have no party plans this year. Our plans are for prayers for good health and wonderful duas from friends. Every day that God gives me to spend with Sahib is a great celebration of a day well spent. I am blessed to be with him and I treasure every moment, each second.”

Sairaji says there’s nothing she enjoys as much as being with her ‘Saheb’.

“I am often asked how we spend our time now. I would say that if anything has changed in our sharing of the simple joys of life that the Almighty has blessed us with it is only the way we enjoy each other’s company. If it was a bracing game of badminton that we enjoyed together in our youthful years, now it is a quiet dinner at home with soft Hindustani classical instrumental music playing in the background. I feel blessed when I play mother to him now by feeding him his light meal while he enjoys the soft strains of the music and gives me the smile that Mashallah still sends hearts aflutter. If it was a long drive at one time it is a short drive now and coming back home feeling refreshed and sharing his favourite soup made from one of his own recipes. The one thing that has not changed or diminished is the contentment we share of a life lived meaningfully by being always there for our dear friends and family and of course for each of her. If I have another life at all I will once again beseech Allah to give me the blessing of living this life again.”

Source: Deccan Chronicle