‘Fashion is all about standing out’

Published: 8 May 2017, 03:33 PM
‘Fashion is all about standing out’

Singer Miley Cyrus talks about fashion at a recent interview and said girls should have unique fashion sense and it should make them stand out.

The singer feels disappointed to see girls following fashion trends blindly. The idea of fashion has taken people "a little bit downhill," Billboard quoted her as saying.

"It`s not about standing out right now. Which is so weird, because it seems like for the really unique, smart kids in this generation, it`s all about standing out. ... Girls really make me sad a lot of the time too, especially right now. I can only speak for the years that I`ve been alive, but I don`t know if it has ever been so important to `fit in`," the Wrecking Ball singer said.

The "world right now is so divided, in the arts, fashion -- everything," Miley added.

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